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Here are some of the common questions new dancers ask us, including free trials, membership, class times, dance styles and eligibility. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to speak to the committee or send us an email.

  • Classes
    Do I need a partner? No, we cater for anyone wanting to dance. In fact, barely any of our members join with an existing dance partner so there will be plenty of other people to dance with. ​ What standard do I have to be? Any! We cater for complete beginners with no coordination, to the very advanced. Our teachers can teach you from any level, to any level. ​ When and where are your classes? As times and rooms tend to vary, we send an email each week with the details of what's on. Sign up to the mailing list to receive these emails. ​ What class should I come to? If you don't know what level you are, try a beginner class on Wednesday or Sunday and see how you find it! You can change class level any time to suit your needs. If you don't want to compete that's fine, you can still come to any class even the ones aimed at competitions. If you are just here to make friends then come to our social dance class or Monday sessions which are more relaxed. ​ What should I wear? As long as you can move, then that's okay! Leggings or a skirt for girls is fine, preferably not jeans as you will need a good range of motion. If you don't have dance shoes then trainers are fine, but if you have dance heels make sure they have heel protectors.
  • Cost and Memberships
    ​Can I try a class first? Definitely! The first lesson for anyone that's not been before is free, so you can see what we do and consider whether or not you'd like to come again. ​ Do I need to purchase membership? If you've tried it and want to carry on, you will need one as the price includes insurance - you are highly unlikely to get injured, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Full members also have access to competitions, performances, and wardrobe. ​ You will also need to purchase at least a TeamSurrey Surrey Sports Park membership, details of which can found at their website here ​ I'm not a (Surrey) student, can I still dance? As a student club part funded by the Student's Union, our priority is to offer dancing to students, but we welcome non students too. Please contact us as different memberships arrangements apply.
  • Competitions
    Do I have to compete? Not at all! Many members do not actively compete, we have many other aspects to the club such as performance and social dance. Do I have to try out? No, everyone is welcome at competitions whatever ability, all you need is the correct shoes and a partner.
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