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BLDC Committee


Listed below are the current members of the Surrey BLDC committee along with some small details to help you get to know them. They are the ones responsible for running the club, from organising classes to taking the club away to national competitions. If you have any questions please ask the committee, they are happy to help in whatever way they can! We still have positions available so talk to us if you're interested!

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Liam White



Vice President

Elia Dwyer


Hi all! My name is Liam, and I'll be your president this year. I only joined BLDC in 2020, but it quickly became a big part of my life; I fell in love with the dances, the performances but, more than anything, the people! I hope to share some of that passion with all of you this year.

A lot of my job will be making decisions with my team, announcing new events, and doing whatever needs to be done to keep the club running. My goal is make BLDC a place that develops you not only as dancers, but in personal skills and friendships. 

If you have absolutely any questions, or feel like you need to talk, just drop me a message. I'm always happy for a chat!

Course: Psychology (undergraduate)

Year: Final

Favourite dance: Quickstep and Paso Doble

Member since: 2020

Hi everyone, my names Elia and I am this year’s Vice President. I joined BLDC in 2021 during my second year of Law with Criminology and it was one of the best decisions I could have made. I had danced before university and really wanted to carry it on during my time at Surrey. BLDC is such a welcoming group of people and I can’t wait for more classes, socials and competitions this upcoming year!

Course: Law and Criminology

Year: Third year

Favourite dance: Waltz and Cha

Member since: 2021


Alana Connor

I had danced previously before I joined university but never Ballroom and Latin. I have always loved to dance and wanted to carry it on but learn something new at the same time! I joined university during COVID and was looking for a way to make new friends!!  BLDC was the perfect way to do that ! They were so friendly and welcoming from the very start and I’ve been a member of the club ever since!!

Course: Psychology (undergraduate)

Year: Placement (third year)

Favourite dance: Quickstep/ tango and Samba

Member since: 2021


Team Captain

Tabitha Thomas


Hi everyone, I’m Tabitha! I joined BLDC at the beginning of first year and was immediately swept up in all the sparkles and the dancing. I had a lot of dance experience previously but had never done Ballroom and Latin before, so the chance to try something new from scratch was exciting. Very quickly I was welcomed into this wonderful group of people, and I have loved learning all the different styles of dance from our fabulous coaches and our team captains.

This year along with James, I will be your Team Captain and I can’t wait to dance with you all and get to know you. From performances, to socials, to competitions, I have found BLDC to be such a fun, safe and welcoming place to be, and I can’t wait to see you in class!

Course: French and Spanish
Year: Second year
Favourite dance: Cha and Waltz
Member since: 2022


Team Captain

James Bowbrick Smith


Hello everyone, I’m James. I attended my first BLDC class because I was dragged along by a friend to give it a go! I had never danced a step in my life, but injuries had stopped me doing other sports, so I thought what do I have to lose? That was three years ago, it turns out I had nothing to lose and everything to gain! 


This year I will be your Team Captain along with Tabitha so you will undoubtedly be hearing a lot from me that is dance related, but I am looking forward to sharing stories, laughs and snacks as well.

Whether you have a dance trophy collection at home or have never stepped foot on the dancefloor BLDC is a great place to meet a fab bunch of people and take part in an awesome activity. Hopefully see you there 😊 

Course: Engineering Materials PhD

Year: Second (though seventh overall at Surrey!)

Favourite dances: Viennese waltz and Paso Doble

Member since: 2019


Social Secretary

Hannah Catterall


Hey I'm Hannah I've been with BLDC since my first year at Surrey and I've taken a couple of committee positions on in my time with the team, including social dance officer and VP and now Social Sec. I've danced since I was 2, focussing more on ballet and tap but decided to try something different at uni and stumbled on BLDC at active Freshers back in 2019 and never looked back. I've been on my year abroad last year and managed to find some ballroom teams at the unis I was at, which has given me a look at how other clubs do stuff. I also love musical theatre and Disney, and you can often find me in Rubix working when I'm not at dance.


Course: Politics

Year: Final year

Favourite dance(s): A slow and beautiful Waltz, or a bit of sexy Samba!

Member since: 2019


TC Admin

Isa Lewis


Hi! I’m Isa :) I always wanted to try ballroom dancing, so joining bldc was the best decision I made at uni. It’s a lot of fun, and everyone in the club is really nice and welcoming.  I hope that I get to meet more lovely people this year, and have fun (which is definitely important), both at classes, and anything else we might do! 

Course: Psychology

Year: First (but second at Surrey!)

Favourite dance: Quickstep and Jive

Member since: 2021

Marketing and Communications 

This could be you!


Wardrobe Officer 

Emma Simms


We are currently recruiting for this position; if you have a flair for social media, drop us an email with your application!

Hi, I'm Emma and I'm the wardrobe officer for this year! I joined BLDC in 2021 when I first came to Surrey and I'm so happy I did. I used to do ballroom before uni but stopped a few years ago and was excited to get back into it! ​

Course: Midwifery 

Year: Second

Favourite dance: Quickstep and Cha

Member since: 2021 

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