BLDC Committee



Listed below are the current members of the Surrey BLDC committee along with some small details to help you get to know them. They are the ones responsible for running the club, from organising classes to taking the club away to national competitions. If you have any questions please ask the committee, they are happy to help in whatever way they can! We still have positions available so talk to us if you're interested!



Michael Hawley

Hey everyone! I’m Michael and I am the proud President of Surrey BLDC for the forthcoming year! I will be the one making announcements, bossing the committee around and generally making sure that everyone is enjoying the time they spend with us!


I joined BLDC in 2018, initially as something new and different to try, but I just fell in love with the sport and the people. I have been so privileged to be part of such an incredible community where everyone is so supportive and kind to one another, and I can say without a doubt that my fondest memories of University have been at the Club.


I LOVE talking to our members, so if you have any questions, comments or concerns – or just fancy a chat – please come along and say hi!


See you on the dancefloor!

Course: Business Management

Year: Returning to third year after a placement

Favourite dance: Sambaaaa (my inner Shakira cannot be tamed)

Member since: 2018

Vice President

Emma Slade

Hi all!  I’m Emma and I will be your Vice President for the coming year.

I am responsible for booking rooms, writing weekly club emails and generally ensuring that everything (hopefully!) runs smoothly.


Joining BLDC in my first year was the best decision I could ever have made.  Not only have I had the opportunity to learn to dance from a complete beginners level but I’ve been welcomed into a caring community and have made friends for life. I look forward to seeing you all and my door is always open if you fancy a cup of tea and a chat!

Course: Maths

Year: Final Year

Favourite dance: Quickstep/Tango

Member since: 2018

Team Captain

Paige Mullen

I’m Paige and this will be my 5th year in the club!
This club has been the biggest part of my university life and I have made so many great friends and people I consider family here! I have been dancing since I was 4 both competitively and dancing in shows so I have quite a lot of experience. As Team Captain with my lovely partner Allen Wesson, we want to make this club as fun as it can be. We are here for all things coaching related but also if you ever just need a chat too!

Course: Cybercrime and Cybersecurity
Year: Final (Master's)
Favourite dance: All latin
Member since: 2016


Team Captain

Allen Wesson

Hi all, I am ecstatic to be serving another year as one of your Team Captains – alongside my fabulous dance partner Paige Mullen! I have been dancing Ballroom and Latin – in both couples and competitive team formation since I was 6 years old. When I came to university, I so desperately wanted to continue my dancing journey, and fell into the arms of my new dance family – where I have been ever since. Besides dance I am an avid online gamer and self-proclaimed massive nerd, building computers and generally living up to the huge glasses on my face. My girlfriend of 4 years is beginning her adventures in the computer world because of me, so I have to at least pretend to enjoy her and I growing cacti as a hobby too (I do secretly love them very much)! I take great pride and joy in my position here, giving a chance to expand the dancing world for others is so incredible and I love every moment! See you on the dancefloor! - Allen ‘Snakehips’ Wesson

Course: Politics and Economics

Year: Third (Placement)

Favourite dance: Foxtrot

Member since: 2018

MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png

Social Secretary

Namita soni

Hullo people. I’m your one of your social officers (the other being the fabulous Grace). Our role involves us organising social events such as movie nights to dance parties and everything in between! It is really important to both of us that everyone is included and has a fantastic time. Since joining in 2018, I never once not felt that way during my time in BLDC.

Truth be told, when I first signed up, it was only for the fancy dresses but that changed soon enough and here I am 😊

Feel free to reach out for anything, including ideas for some fun socials. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Besides dancing, I’m into reading, baking and travelling.


Course: Business Management

Year: Final

Favourite dance(s): Jive, Tango & Viennese Waltz

Member since: 2018


Social Secretary

Grace Pardoe

Hey, I'm Grace and I'm the other Social Sec. I study Financial Mathematics and am in my final year. I joined BLDC in 2018 and my favourite dance is tango! My role as joint social sec will be to arrange all the club socials and freshers week events. And finally something about me I first started ballroom at 3 years old but sadly gave it up and luckily was able to take it back up at uni :)

Course: Financial Mathematics

Year: Final 

Favourite dance: Tango

Member since: 2018

Marketing and Communications 


Hey! I'm Faith and I'm one of the clubs marketing and communications officers, which means that I have the responsibility of posting class times, editing this website and keeping our social media updated (including filming everything at competitions!). I heard about this club before coming to uni, and couldn't believe that you can literally join at any level! I was super nervous before coming to the active freshers session but once I got there it was so much fun! BLDC has really taught me that ANYONE can dance.

Aside from dance, I love Marvel movies, Doctor Who, Christmas and having a good chat, so don't hesitate to talk to me about anything!

Course: Sociology 

Year: Third

Favourite dance(s): Jive and Cha 

Member since: 2019 

Marketing and Communications 

Edward Ward

Hiya, I'm Edward and I'm one of the club's two marketing and communications officers. I help my friend Faith with posting class times, editing this website, keeping our social media updated (including filming everything at competitions!) and generally making sure you guys know about all the exciting things that the club get up to. I had already done some ballroom dancing before coming to uni, and when I heard about the club I couldn't wait to join as a fresher! Now, even 3 years into my degree, I still love the excitement of learning new steps at practice sessions each and week and taking the floor at the many competitions we do each year. 

Besides dancing, I love Sci-fi, Anime, food, music, gaming, adventure and meeting new people, so feel free to say hi.

Course: Music (BMus) 

Year: Fourth 

Favourite dance: Cha (because latin music is brilliant)

Member since: 2018