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Each year we take part in various inter-varsity competitions, where, if you'd like to, you get the opportunity to show off all of the dance skills you've learned and represent TeamSurrey! Anyone can take part, and competitors in each category are roughly matched by ability to keep things fair.


Friendly Competitions

Throughout the year we attend friendly competitions around the country, and we always start with a friendly as our first comp so everyone can see how it works. This can include Bath, Nottingham, UEA and Bristol. These competitions don't count towards qualifying for Blackpool but are still good to show of our team!


Southern Regionals

To qualify for IVDC Blackpool finals, we compete at the southern regional competion (SUDC). The hosting for this varies so it can be anywhere in the south, and it's where the competition really heats up! As long as we enter couples for SUDC, we can go to Blackpool no matter the results. 


IVDC Blackpool

This is the biggest event of our year. We go for the whole weekend and get to compete at the Winter Gardens Ballroom which is an amazing venue. We take as many people as we can to Blackpool, and it’s definitely an event not to miss! 

Winter Gardens Blackpool
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