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Membership to Surrey BLDC is currently £55 for the year. We use this membership to pay for our coaches and subsidise things like competitions and socials.

This can be bought via our Student's Union webpage. Unfortunately, the union requests that all memberships for clubs be paid this way, so we cannot accept cash payments. If you have any issues, let the committee know or pop into the union office and they’ll be able to help.


In addition, all members of Surrey BLDC or any Team Surrey club are required to have a Surrey Sports Park membership in order to join TeamSurrey. This comes in two forms: 1) TeamSurrey membership which is £40 and isn't included in the standard or silver SSP memberships,  2) gold sports park membership includes team surrey. Further details can be found at the Team Surrey Website.

We also offer a half year membership for £25 if you join after Semester 2 starts. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact the club/any of the committee!

Mailing List

If you would like to know more about SurreyBLDC, please subscribe to our mailing list by filling out your details below.


Joining our mailing list will ensure you receive regular updates on class times and rooms, as well as when and where any of the club's extra activities are taking place.

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