Who We Are
A Message From The President: 
Namita Soni

Welcome to the Surrey Ballroom and Latin Dance Club, or better known as Surrey BLDC. Members of this club come together from various walks of life, but all share the same thing; our passion for dancing.

The dances are taught by brilliant coaches; whether they’re one of our own or our professional ones. We have a variety of activities in our classes that’s sure to keep you on your toes and we also throw in non-ballroom and Latin dances in the mix for a change.

BLDC has a bit of everything, with supportive members and motivating coaches. There is never a “You can’t” or a “No” in our sessions. We strive to include everyone and bring the best out of our members. You want to compete? Sure, we have plenty of opportunities to do that, including the famous Blackpool Nationals held every year around February. You want to chill, meet people of different backgrounds and casually dance? Then you can do that too! We have plenty of socials all year round, including our annual Christmas dinner, our Masquerade Ball and the year-end Gradsport event.

I joined in first year and it was truly the best decision I have ever made. Come along with a friend or come alone it doesn’t matter! You are sure to meet spectacular people here. The BLDC family will always welcome you with a friendly smile!

A Brief Intro

SurreyBLDC is the Ballroom & Latin American Dance Club at the University of Surrey. 


We currently offer classes to University of Surrey students and ex-students as well as some external members. We teach all the main ballroom & latin dances such as Waltz, Quickstep, Samba, Cha Cha Cha and Jive.   

The club caters for all levels of dance ability – from complete beginners right up to the more advanced levels. Through weekly professional coaching and committee-run practice and technique sessions we ensure that everyone receives the correct teaching to either compete, perform, or simply just learn to dance!

We compete at numerous competitions throughout the year, including at the Inter-Varsity Dance Competition in Blackpool. If your interests don’t lie with competing, we also regularly perform show routines and April 2016 even saw the inaugural Strictly Come Surrey – definitely one of the highlights of the year.

Before 2006, the club was known as the Ballroom Dance Society (BDS), but that year it changed to the Ballroom & Latin Dance Club (BLDC). 2006 was also the year we had to say goodbye to our former coaches, Vincent Simone & Flavia Cacace, who will be well known to those of you who are fans of Strictly Come Dancing...


The club has been around since before 1986 and is one of the oldest clubs at the University of Surrey. We hope to continue the legacy on for much longer!


Surrey BLDC is a part of the University of Surrey Students' Union. Inter-varsity competitive activities are governed by University Dancesport (IVDA).



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